PCBasket 2K23 Roster Update 1.05 Released


PCBasket 2K23 EuroLeague Roster Update

Update (04.29.23 Notes)

The new roster update 1.05 for PCBasket 2K23 is already available. This time, it introduces realistic shoes and accessories for all EuroLeague players, along with updated playbooks to create tougher defenses and replicate the European style of play. Additionally, new face scans have been added for some key players.

The latest roster update for PCBasket 2K23 in NBA 2K23 takes the EuroLeague experience to the next level. With a focus on authenticity and realism, this update introduces a wide range of shoes and accessories that accurately represent the gear worn by EuroLeague players. Whether it's signature shoes, custom sneakers, or specialized accessories, each player now has their unique style showcased in the game.

To further enhance the gameplay experience, the update also brings updated playbooks tailored to the European style of play. These playbooks incorporate the defensive strategies commonly used in EuroLeague basketball, allowing players to create tougher defenses, execute intricate pick-and-roll plays, and master defensive rotations.

Whether you're a fan of EuroLeague basketball or simply enjoy the variety and depth offered by PCBasket 2K23, this roster update is designed to elevate your gaming experience. With realistic shoes and accessories, updated playbooks, and enhanced player faces, NBA 2K23 brings you closer to the excitement and intensity of European basketball like never before.