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Will NBA 2K24 Be Cross-Platform / Cross-Play?


Will NBA 2K24 Be Cross Platform? Possibilities and Expectations

NBA 2K24 is the upcoming basketball simulation video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports.

 The game is set to release in the fall of 2023, and fans are eagerly anticipating its arrival. With the increasing trend of cross-platform gaming, fans are wondering whether NBA 2K24 will have cross platform or cross play support. 

At the moment, there is no official announcement regarding cross-platform/cross-play for NBA 2K24.

What is Cross Platform Gaming?

Cross platform gaming, also known as cross-play, allows players from different gaming platforms to play with and against each other in online games. This means that players on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and other platforms can all play together in the same game.

Will NBA 2K24 Be Cross Platform?

As of now, 2K Sports has not officially announced whether NBA 2K24 will have cross-platform support. However, they have recently added cross-play support to other sports games like PGA Tour 2K23. This suggests that 2K Sports is interested in implementing cross-platform support in its games, which raises the possibility that NBA 2K24 will have cross-platform support. 

In addition, other major sports games like FIFA and Madden have recently added cross-platform support, which indicates a growing trend in the industry towards cross-platform gaming. As such, it is likely that 2K Sports will consider adding cross-platform support to NBA 2K24 to keep up with this trend.

Possibilities and Expectations

In conclusion, while it is not yet confirmed whether NBA 2K24 will have cross-platform support, there are certainly possibilities and expectations that it will. 2K Sports has already added cross-play support to its other sports game PGA Tour 2K23, and the trend towards cross-platform gaming in the industry suggests that NBA 2K24 will also be a contender for cross-platform support. Fans will need to wait for an official announcement from 2K Sports to know for sure, but the prospect of playing NBA 2K24 with friends on different platforms is an exciting one.