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NBA 2K23 Hyperrealism

Hyperrealism in NBA 2K23

Players will notice a significant improvement in the quality of textures, thanks to the work of NINES. This talented artist has improved the skin textures of the players, making them look even more lifelike than before. The new textures have added depth and dimension to the players' skin, giving them a more realistic appearance.

NBA 2K23 Nets

Moreover, NINES has improved the lighting in the NBA arenas to create a more realistic atmosphere. The lighting now accurately reflects the different times of day and the colors of the courts. The shadows are also more accurate, enhancing the realism of the game. Players will feel like they're playing in a real basketball court with the new and improved net design. The attention to detail in the nets is impressive, with the intricacies of the knots and the texture of the netting being carefully crafted to mimic a real-life basketball net.

Get ready to experience unprecedented realism in NBA 2K23 with photorealistic textures that will make players look more lifelike than ever on the court. With real sweat, improved eye and teeth textures, and new lighting that enhances the NBA arena atmosphere, you won't believe how immersive this game can be!

NBA 2K23 Realism