PCBasket 2K23 Roster Update 1.06 Released


NBA 2K23 EuroLeague Roster

Update (05.06.23 Notes)

The new PCBasket 2K23 roster update 1.06 for NBA 2K23 has just been released, and it comes packed with some exciting new features! The update includes improvements to the EuroLeague teams, updated sneakers and accessories, and three new arenas for FC Barcelona, AS Monaco, and Fenerbahce Istanbul. Additionally, there are new players added to the game based on the latest EuroLeague team transactions. 

The roster update is truly revolutionary and more complete than ever before. With all of these new features, NBA 2K23 fans are sure to have an even more immersive and exciting gaming experience. So, get ready to take your EuroLeague team to the top of the ranks with the latest and greatest roster update!