Potential Rating and Build of Amen Thompson in NBA 2K24



NBA 2K24 Amen Thompson Rating and Build


As the excitement builds for the release of NBA 2K24, fans are eager to discover the potential rating and build of rookie sensation Amen Thompson. 

With his explosive athleticism and incredible playmaking abilities, Thompson has been making waves in the basketball world. In this article, we will explore the potential rating and build of Amen Thompson based on his real-life statistics and skills.


Amen Thompson, a standout player in the Overtime Elite league, has garnered attention for his exceptional skills on the court. Standing tall and possessing impressive ball-handling and creativity, Thompson is a force to be reckoned with. His ability to attack the rim, create opportunities for his teammates, and excel in transition sets him apart as a remarkable talent.

1. Stats Breakdown: In the Overtime Elite league, Thompson showcased his versatility and impact on the game. With an average of 16.5 points, 6.8 assists, and 5.3 rebounds per game, he consistently made his presence felt on both ends of the court. 

Thompson's verticality, aggressiveness, and sensational passing ability were evident in his impressive stat line.

2. Playmaking Ability: Thompson showcases exceptional verticality and aggressiveness in his game, which translates into phenomenal playmaking skills. With his height advantage, he can make passes that other guards simply can't execute. 

In the Overtime Elite, he averaged 5.9 assists per game in the Regular Season and 9.2 assists per game in the Playoffs. His ability to find open teammates and create scoring opportunities sets him apart as a playmaking guard.

3. Lightning-Fast Drives: As a scorer, Thompson excels in transition and attacking the paint. His extraordinary athleticism allows him to finish above the rim with ease. 

Additionally, his speed and ball-handling make him a dangerous penetrator in the half-court offense. Thompson's lightning-fast drives to the basket pose a constant threat to opposing defenses.

4. Explosiveness and Creativity: Thompson's explosive athleticism combined with his exceptional ball-handling and creativity make him a dynamic force on the court. 

He utilizes these skills to attack the rim, create space for his teammates, and be a nightmare in transition. His ability to make highlight-reel plays and his sensational court vision make him a threat in every game.

Potential Rating and Build

Given Thompson's explosive athleticism, playmaking skills, and potential impact on both offense and defense, his potential rating in NBA 2K24 could range from 78 to 82. 

This rating reflects his ability to make an immediate impact as a rookie and develop into a valuable player in the league.

Thompson's build in NBA 2K24 is expected to reflect his strengths as a dynamic and explosive guard. With a focus on his athleticism, ball-handling, and playmaking abilities, his build will emphasize his ability to attack the rim, create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates, and make an impact in transition. 

Thompson's build will likely incorporate attributes such as speed, agility, dribbling, passing, and finishing at the rim.

Potential Teams

Based on the draft lottery order, here are some potential landing spots for Amen Thompson:

1. San Antonio Spurs (Pick 1): The Spurs, holding the first overall pick, may consider Thompson as a dynamic playmaker to bolster their backcourt. His explosive athleticism and playmaking skills would fit well with their system.

2. Charlotte Hornets (Pick 2): The Hornets, with the second pick, could see Thompson as a valuable addition to their young and exciting roster. His ability to create opportunities for himself and his teammates would complement their up-tempo style of play.

3. Portland Trail Blazers (Pick 3): The Trail Blazers, picking third, might view Thompson as a potential spark plug off the bench. His explosiveness and scoring ability could provide a much-needed boost to their second unit.

4. Houston Rockets (Pick 4): The Rockets, holding the fourth pick, may see Thompson as a promising guard to pair alongside their young core. His playmaking and scoring prowess would add depth and versatility to their backcourt rotation.

5. Detroit Pistons (Pick 5): The Pistons, selecting fifth, could be intrigued by Thompson's athleticism and potential as a playmaker. He could complement their developing young talent and contribute to their rebuilding efforts.


As fans eagerly await the release of NBA 2K24, Amen Thompson's potential rating and build showcase his exceptional skills and potential in the virtual realm. 

With his explosive athleticism, playmaking abilities, and defensive potential, Thompson has the makings of an exciting player to watch in the NBA and NBA 2K24. Stay tuned for more updates on the potential ratings and builds of other rookies as we uncover the next generation of basketball talent.