NBA 2K23 LNB French League Roster



NBA 2K23 LNB French League Roster

Fanbateau17, a dedicated creator within the NBA 2K community, has brought an exciting addition to NBA 2K23 with their latest roster inspired by PCBasket 2K23 by Shuajota. This custom roster introduces the highly anticipated French League expansion, allowing players to immerse themselves in the thrilling world of French basketball. With all the teams from the French League, including iconic EuroLeague teams such as AS Monaco, ASVEL, and the Metropolitans 92 led by the phenomenal Victor Wembanayma, this roster is set to revolutionize the NBA 2K23 experience.

The French League

Fanbateau17's roster for NBA 2K23 includes the complete French League, giving players the opportunity to compete with and against the top teams from one of Europe's most prestigious basketball leagues. From the fast-paced gameplay of AS Monaco to the storied history of ASVEL, gamers can embrace the unique playing styles and strategies of each team. The inclusion of the Metropolitans 92, led by the highly touted Victor Wembanayma, adds an extra layer of excitement, allowing players to witness the rise of a potential future number one pick in the NBA draft of 2023.

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