NBA 2K23 2024 Roster V5.04 (Latest Transactions & All Rookies)


NBA 2K23 2024 Roster

Roster Update May 05, 2024

Attention NBA 2K23 players! Prepare to immerse yourself in the exciting world of basketball with the highly anticipated 2024 roster update. This update brings you the latest player transactions, realistic contracts, authentic cyberfaces, and the inclusion of the 2023 rookies. Get ready to experience the future of the NBA in NBA 2K23 with the 2024 roster update.

2023 NBA Rookies

The 2023 NBA Draft class has arrived in NBA 2K23! As part of this roster update, we have integrated the talented rookies from the 2023 draft class into the game. Experience the excitement of playing with the next generation of NBA stars as they step onto the virtual court for the first time. Master their unique playing styles, test their skills against established veterans, and witness their growth and potential in real-time.

Latest Transactions in Real Time (05.4.2024)

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