NBA 2K23 Toboggan´s All Time Detailed Roster


NBA 2K23 Toboggan´s All Time Detailed Roster

All-Time Detailed Roster

DoctahtobogganMDs brings to the 2K Community an updated All-Time roster by Doctato NBA 2K23. No Duplicate roster (ie Shaq only on Lakers, Kareem only on Bucks, LeBron only on Cavs etc).

Toboggan's All Time Roster 

2kShare: "Toboggan All Time" or user name "DoctahTobogganMD"

Cyberfaces for Missing Legends

No mods included, but Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley, and Rasheed Wallace mods are needed as they are the 2 missing players that I included: 

Rasheed  Wallace ID: 0389 

Rasheed Wallace cyberface: Click Here

Reggie Miller ID: 31000 

Reggie Miller cyberface: Click Here

Charles Barkley: 4645

Charles Barkley cyberface: Click Here