Potential Rating and Build of Trayce Jackson-Davis in NBA 2K24



NBA 2K24 Trayce Jackson-Davis Rating


As excitement builds for the upcoming NBA season, fans and gamers are eagerly anticipating the release of NBA 2K24 to explore the potential ratings and builds of the highly anticipated rookie class. In this article, we will dive into the potential rating and build of Trayce Jackson-Davis in NBA 2K24, highlighting the exceptional skills of this talented player. Let's uncover the stats and attributes that make Jackson-Davis a player to watch in the virtual basketball world.


Trayce Jackson-Davis, born on February 22, 2000, is an American basketball player currently playing for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. Standing at 6 feet 9 inches (2.06 meters) tall, he primarily plays as a power forward. Trayce's basketball journey is influenced by his biological father, former professional player Dale Davis, although he was raised by his mother and stepfather, Raymond Jackson. 

1. College Career: Trayce Jackson-Davis showcased his skills during his time at Indiana University, where he played for the Hoosiers. He averaged 17.9 points, 9.1 rebounds, 2.2 assists, and 2.1 blocks per game throughout his college career. During the 2020-21 season, Trayce had an impressive performance, averaging 19.1 points and 9.0 rebounds per game, earning him numerous accolades and recognition. 

2. Scoring Ability: Trayce Jackson-Davis possesses a versatile scoring ability. With his size, athleticism, and offensive skills, he can score effectively from various positions on the court. His potential to contribute points and make an impact on the offensive end makes him an intriguing player in NBA 2K24. 

3. Rebounding and Interior Presence: Trayce is known for his prowess on the boards and his ability to dominate the paint. His rebounding skills, combined with his shot-blocking ability, make him a valuable asset in the game.

Potential Rating and Build

In NBA 2K24, Trayce Jackson-Davis is projected to have a potential rating in the range of 74-75, considering his scoring ability, rebounding skills, and interior presence. His build should reflect his current skill set while leaving room for improvement and growth. 

1. Scoring and Finishing: Trayce's ratings in scoring and finishing around the rim should reflect his current abilities. As a powerful inside presence, he should have high ratings in post scoring and dunking attributes. 

2. Rebounding and Defense: Trayce's rebounding skills should be highlighted in his build, with high ratings in rebounding and shot-blocking attributes. His defensive ratings should reflect his current abilities, with the potential for growth as he develops his defensive techniques. 

3. Interior Presence and Strength: Trayce's size and strength are key aspects of his game. In NBA 2K24, his build should emphasize his interior presence, allowing gamers to utilize his strength and dominance in the paint.


Trayce Jackson-Davis, despite being selected as the 58th pick in the second round of the 2023 NBA Draft, possesses exceptional skills and potential that make him an intriguing player to control in NBA 2K24. Gamers can expect a player with scoring ability, rebounding prowess, and interior presence. With the right development and opportunities, Trayce has the potential to make a significant impact in the virtual basketball world.