NBA 2K24 All-New Neighborhood on Current Gen Trailer & Map



Explore the official unveiling of the Neighborhood Preview and innovations within NBA 2K24! Immerse yourself in our initial glimpse of the fresh urban terrain, courts, Recreational Center, personalized MyCOURT spaces, intense Cages, and the debut of the exciting "1v1 VR Simulator" feature. The Neighborhood experience is tailored exclusively for the preceding console generation (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC).

All-New Neighborhood in NBA 2K24 Current Gen

Embark on a novel journey through an entirely new metropolitan landscape A reimagined rendition of The Stage awaits Enhanced aesthetics and layout for the upgraded Recreational Center Introducing a novel 5v5 court along with the innovative "Change Server" alternative Engage in thrilling 3v3 matchmaking showdowns Seize the excitement with 1v1 matchmaking encounters.

Trailer & Map Details