NBA 2K24 Official ProPLAY Gameplay Trailer



NBA 2K24 Official ProPLAY Gameplay Trailer

NBA 2K24 Full Gameplay Details

The highly anticipated release of NBA 2K24 is set to redefine authenticity in basketball video games. The new era of realism arrives on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S through the groundbreaking ProPLAY™ technology. Crafted to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience, ProPLAY harnesses cutting-edge technology to translate real NBA movements directly into the game. This means challenging shots, acrobatic layups, and more are inspired by actual NBA footage.

The difference is astounding. ProPLAY goes beyond traditional motion captures, providing authentic movements captured in real-time scenarios. Shots, dribbles, rebounds, passes, and free throws feel more lifelike than ever, giving you the sensation of being on the court. The impact extends to iconic moves from famous players like Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and Nikola Jokić. ProPLAY brings them to life authentically and minimizes disruptions in the gaming experience.

Beyond visual authenticity, ProPLAY enhances gameplay. From shot timing to off-ball player movements, everything feels natural and fluid. Basketball enthusiasts and seasoned players alike will enjoy a more intuitive and genuine experience. In essence, NBA 2K24 with ProPLAY takes basketball simulation to the next level. The revolutionary technology immerses you in the game with authentic movements and precise details, elevating the virtual basketball experience to new heights. (*ProPLAY™ technology is exclusively available on next-gen consoles.) 

What´s the difference between Mo-cap and ProPLAY?

The difference between motion capture (mo-cap) and ProPLAY is a game-changer that transforms the NBA 2K experience. Imagine attempting a contested shot over an invisible defender on a makeshift court – it's a far cry from the intensity of a real game, and that's precisely where ProPLAY shines.

Mo-cap technology has propelled NBA 2K closer to the real action, a journey that ProPLAY continues to enhance. While mo-cap has been instrumental in getting us to this point, ProPLAY takes a leap forward by trading unnatural mechanics for peak performance in a natural, dynamic environment. From shots to off-ball movement, dribbling, rebounds, blocks, passes, and free throws, the authenticity in NBA 2K24 New Gen is unmatched. 

This authenticity stems from real-time scenarios, capturing the essence of the game in a way that previous iterations couldn't achieve. Take, for instance, contorting layups under the basket or ankle-breaking step-backs – ProPLAY brings these moments to life like never before.

ProPLAY technology breathes life into the game with authentic movements that mirror those of your favorite players. From Kevin Durant's unique jump shot and free throw form to Steph Curry's explosive dribble maneuvers and Nikola Jokić's methodical finesse around the rim, ProPLAY injects a heightened sense of realism and reduces any interruptions to the authentic experience. When you step onto the virtual court in NBA 2K24, you're not just playing a game – you're immersed in the world of basketball like never before, thanks to the unparalleled authenticity of ProPLAY.

New Animations

NBA 2K24 introduces an array of new animations that elevate the game's realism to unprecedented heights, all powered by the remarkable ProPLAY technology. Every movement and interaction is enriched with an added layer of authenticity, creating an experience that truly mirrors the world of basketball. From jumpshots and dunks to layups, dribble moves, pass animations, and signature movements both on offense and defense, the impact of ProPLAY is evident across various facets of the game. 

- Jumpshots 


- Layups

 - Dribble Moves 

- Pass Animations 

- Signature Movement (Offense & Defense)

However, the improvements aren't confined to just the main actions; even minor details like casual inbound passes and subtle motions have been meticulously captured to enhance the overall realism. The result is a comprehensive and immersive NBA experience that takes you from the opening tip-off to the final whistle. 

ProPLAY's immersive and genuine gameplay is a highlight of the New Gen console version, while the gameplay enhancements across all platforms in NBA 2K24 ensure an elevated and enjoyable experience for all players. Get ready to be dazzled by the unprecedented level of authenticity that ProPLAY brings to the virtual basketball court.

Get ready to experience the evolution of virtual basketball with NBA 2K24 and its ProPLAY technology on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S starting September 8th. Take a look at the most recent update from Mike Wang, the Gameplay Director of NBA 2K, to catch a sneak peek of what's on the horizon.