NBA 2K24 Season Pass Explained: Price, Rewards, & More



NBA 2K24 Season Pass Explained: Price, Rewards, & More

2K has introduced an innovative NBA 2K24 "Season Pass", offering players three tiers – Free, Pro, and Hall of Fame – each unlocking a range of rewards and benefits within the game. This announcement is coupled with a fresh and unified approach to progression, merging both the MyCAREER and MyTEAM modes into a single, coherent rewards system.

Enhanced Season Experience in NBA 2K24

Revamped Unified Seasonal Progression Path and Season Pass Choices Provide Players with Amplified Value and Expanded Rewards Seasons are undergoing a transformation in NBA 2K24, incorporating two significant updates designed to augment gameplay and facilitate reward accumulation every six weeks. With the integration of a consolidated progression path spanning MyTEAM and MyCAREER, players will be able to optimize their in-game engagement for maximum benefit. Alongside the familiar array of complimentary rewards, NBA 2K24 is introducing premium Season Pass alternatives for those eager to amplify their rewards as they advance through each season.

Enhanced Progression Track Offers Elevated Value for Time Invested

NBA 2K24 Seasons will usher in an innovative unified Seasonal progression pathway, uniting MyCAREER and MyTEAM into a seamless linear rewards structure. Throughout each season, players will be entitled to a free reward from both modes every time they attain a new level. This fresh Seasonal progression approach empowers players with greater flexibility in how they earn their rewards, allowing them to delve into all that NBA 2K24 offers without compromising their progression.

Novel Season Pass Alternatives Unveil Additional Rewards

Supplementing the established complimentary Seasons experience, NBA 2K24 now introduces two premium Season Pass options – Pro and Hall of Fame – in conjunction with cross-progression. Opting for the Pro or Hall of Fame pass variants unlocks additional rewards and advantages as players advance through Levels 1-40. Each Season, players can select the Season Pass option that best aligns with their individual journey as they step onto the court and strive to reach Level 40:

Free Rewards Experience (FREE) : The cost-free experience remains accessible to all players, presenting the customary high-quality NBA 2K Seasons encounter with the added enhancement of unified progression. Players stand the chance to garner up to 80 Level rewards, enabling them to unlock the complete array of 40 Level rewards for both MyCAREER and MyTEAM modes. 

Pro Pass ($9.99 USD)* : The Pro Pass extends the opportunity to acquire an additional 40 Premium Level rewards, alongside more VC and MTP rewards that can be amassed throughout the season. With the Pro Pass, players unlock a Premium Level reward upon achieving each new level. Following the purchase of the pass, players promptly receive four Season Pass rewards. For $9.99, players can switch from a Pro Pass to a Hall of Fame Pass through a Pass Upgrade at any juncture within the Season. 

Hall of Fame Pass ($19.99 USD)* : The Hall of Fame Pass encompasses all features of the Pro Pass and more. Additionally, the Hall of Fame Pass incorporates one supplementary Season Pass reward, bringing the total to five Season Pass rewards, a 15% XP Booster for the entire season, 10 Level Skips promptly applied to the Season reward track, and additional perks. 

*NBA 2K24 Pro Season Pass and Hall of Fame Pass necessitate the base game, an internet connection, and an NBA 2K Account.

Additional NBA 2K24 Season Pass Details: 

Experience points (XP) are accumulated through gameplay in The City/The Neighborhood, attaining favorable teammate grades, emerging victorious in matches, and exhibiting exceptional performance. 

XP is earned by playing games and fulfilling Dynamic Goals. Each season spans a duration of six weeks! Typically, the subsequent Season will commence at 8 AM PT on the Friday following the conclusion of the previous Season (7:59 AM PT). 

Rewards acquired during a Season remain accessible in a player's NBA 2K account even after the Season concludes. (The 15% XP Booster expires at the conclusion of the Season in which it was acquired.) Level Skips can be procured directly from the Season Rewards menu. 

Once a level skip is acquired, it is instantaneously applied to the player's NBA 2K Account. A player's acquisition of level skips cannot exceed the total levels remaining for progression within the ongoing Season. 

The Season Pass is accessible on all platforms where NBA 2K24 is accessible: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam pass upgrades are facilitated directly from the Season Rewards menu. 

Upon procuring the Pro Season Pass or Hall of Fame Pass subsequent to reaching a specific level, all rewards linked to level completion are automatically bestowed upon the player's NBA 2K account. The 15% XP Booster takes effect immediately upon upgrading to the Hall of Fame Pass. 

- Rewards from a previous Season cannot be acquired or procured in a new Season. 

- Progression of Season Pass rewards concludes at the culmination of the Season. With each new season, Season Pass rewards and progression are refreshed. 

- Rewards available in each Season are viewable within the in-game Season Rewards menu. 

- Season progression can be monitored within the Season Rewards menu. Progress achieved during a Season resets at the conclusion of each Season.

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