NBA 2K24 WNBA Full Details: Pick Your WNBA Path, Rewards, & More



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Select Your Path in The WNBA

Choose your journey in NBA 2K24 and emerge as one of the most exceptional athletes The WNBA has ever witnessed. Next-Generation players on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles have a plethora of exciting prospects throughout the year; whether you're striving for WNBA eminence on the court, engaging in relaxed 3v3 street matches, or merely pursuing novel incentives! Familiarize yourself with all the recent alterations and enhancements in The WNBA.

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Pick your course

Embark on your WNBA profession by opting for your trajectory. This season, we're granting you a pair of alternatives to actualize your WNB aspirations in NBA 2K24 on the Next-Gen: you can initiate your journey in the league as a standout from college basketball or as an emerging talent with valuable global experience. 

As a former college sensation, the media and enthusiasts are acutely aware of your influence on the court. Will the weight of heightened prospects prove overwhelming, or are you poised to craft your legacy? 

If your interests lean towards taking the league by storm, contemplate the route of an inconspicuous competitor who honed their skills overseas. Enter the league with an 85 overall rating and evolve into a beloved figure among WNBA enthusiasts after commencing your career as an anonymous luminary.

Both pathways offer unique advantages, yet the decision rests with you to determine the trajectory of your WNB journey.

Pursue Excellence

Irrespective of the path you opt for, the odyssey to becoming a WNBA luminary will be arduous; you'll need to battle your way to becoming the preeminent player in the league. 'Quest for Excellence' is a brand-new feature integrated into The WNBA this year, setting you against some of the most gifted players in the WNBA. At various junctures throughout the season, you'll engage in a positional rivalry with a competing star athlete.

 Based on your performances, you'll ascertain how you measure up against your rival, igniting debates among fans and pundits on social media about who holds the edge. Validate your status as the foremost talent, secure a coveted position in the All-Star Game, clinch the high-stakes Commissioner's Cup, and hoist the WNBA Finals trophy in The WNBA.

Casual Matches

In the preceding year, players had the chance to practice with WNB players they encountered over the course of their journey, but off-day occasions have undergone subtle changes in NBA 2K24. In contrast to the prior year's Contact Challenges where you would decide which WNBA contacts to amass, this year you'll garner badge privileges by competing against a seasoned player from your team, a star athlete with whom you're embroiled in a positional rivalry, and historical legends. 

These three distinct casual match choices will materialize as off-day occurrences during your seasons. Badge privileges are the cornerstone of unlocking your potential as an aspirant WNBA sensation, yet there's an abundance of content and rewards awaiting you in The WNBA Online.

The WNBA Prizes

During phases when you're not in pursuit of fame and honors throughout the WNBA season, there are fresh incentives and content designed to fuel your advancement. 

Triumph in matches and accomplish challenges to earn revamped 2K Breakthrough Skins, vibrant MyTEAM Jersey Cards, and player-enhancing MyTEAM Shoe Cards that elevate your MyTEAM roster. Moreover, you'll be entitled to claim Seasonal badge privileges for your participation in The WNBA Online.

 Players on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S can relish an array of novel features and rewards within The WNBA and The WNBA Online, and gamers across all consoles can relish the presence of all 12 WNBA teams in Play Now. 

*The WNBA content is exclusively accessible on NBA 2K24 New Gen on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X | S.