NBA 2K24 How to Take Shirt Off & Go Shirtless



NBA 2K24 How to Take Shirt Off & Go Shirtless

NBA 2K24 Next Gen has arrived, and players are eager to explore all the new features and opportunities it offers. One exciting feature in the game is the ability to have your player go shirtless in MyCareer mode, allowing you to showcase your virtual athlete's physique. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to unlock this feature and proudly flex your muscles on screen.

How to Take Shirt Off in NBA 2K24 Next Gen

The more games you play, the quicker you will be able to level up in Rep and unlock the ability to go shirtless in The City. 

1. Join an Affiliation (ELITE or RISE) by completing the objectives: To start, you need to join one of the affiliations, either "ELITE" or "RISE," by fulfilling the specific objectives required. 

2. Level up to “Rookie 3” Rep: Progress in the game and work your way up to achieving the "Rookie 3" level in your player's reputation. This is a significant milestone on your journey to going shirtless in NBA 2K24 Next Gen. 

3. Equip “No Shirt” by going to the MyCAREER menu > MyPLAYER > Appearance > Clothes > The City > Top > select “No Shirt”: Once you've reached the "Rookie 3" Rep level, access the MyCAREER menu, navigate to MyPLAYER, select Appearance, go to Clothes, then The City, and finally, choose Top. Here, you can select the "No Shirt" option to enable your player to go shirtless while playing in The City in NBA 2K24 Next Gen. Following these steps will allow you to proudly display your shirtless avatar in The City while enjoying NBA 2K24 Next Gen.

Video Tutorial on How to Go Shirtless


In NBA 2K24 Next Gen, going shirtless in MyCareer is not just about vanity; it's a symbol of your progress and achievement in the game. By choosing an affiliation, completing challenges, and reaching the Rookie 3 rank, you can unlock the privilege of showcasing your virtual athlete's physique. So, get out there, hit the courts, and work your way towards becoming a MyCareer legend in the virtual basketball world of NBA 2K24. Flex those muscles and enjoy the game!

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