Ultimate NBA 2K24 Roster Update for 2K23 06.07.2024



Ultimate NBA 2K24 Roster Update for NBA 2K23

NBA 2K24 2023-2024 Roster for 2K23 PC

This roster NBA 2K24 roster mod for NBA 2K23 boasts an impressive list of features that will make your gaming experience more authentic and engaging than ever before. Here's what you can expect:

Realistic Transactions

Say goodbye to unrealistic player movements in your game. This roster mod faithfully replicates real-life transactions in the NBA, excluding Exhibit 9/10 and training camp deals. You'll now have the most up-to-date roster at your fingertips, just like the real NBA.

Player Accessories 

Attention to detail is the name of the game. Every rookie and player integration into the 2kGOD roster adheres to the same style. From their shoes to their jerseys, you'll notice the effort put into making sure each player looks as close to their real-life counterpart as possible.

NBA 2K24 Roster

Consistent Ratings 

The mod maintains the same player ratings as NBA 2K24, ensuring that the competitive balance and player performance remain true to the original game.

Classic Teams 

Long for the days of classic NBA teams? You're in luck. This roster mod brings back missing classic teams, complete with their respective players. Relive the glory days of basketball with legendary lineups.

Shoe Color Matching 

Details matter, and that includes the color of player shoes. This mod goes the extra mile by ensuring that all shoes, including those of historic and all-time players, match their real-life counterparts.

Latest Roster Update 05.24.2024

- Updated Ratings

 - Updated rotations 

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