NBA 2K23 Roster Editor (NBA 2K Tools) V1.1.3



NBA 2K23 Roster Editor (NBA 2K Tools)

NBA 2K23 Tools is an awesome roster editor made by Loohy for NBA 2K23. With this tool, you can do some serious roster magic, like customizing existing NBA teams or creating entirely new ones. It's like having a blank canvas where you can paint your basketball dreams. What's cool about NBA 2K23 Tools is that it lets you get super creative. 

You can edit everything about the players, from their bios, stats, and ratings to their signature moves and even how much they earn. You can even give them custom faces and pictures. And it's not just about players. You can also mess around with the teams. Change their names, cities, colors, stadiums, jerseys, and even who's on the coaching staff. It's all up to you! 

This tool has made some awesome projects, like PCBasket, where they added EuroLeague and FIBA teams to the game. If you want to learn how to use NBA 2K23 Tools, check out Shuajota's YouTube channel for some handy tutorials. Get ready to take your NBA 2K23 experience to a whole new level with this tool!

NBA 2K23 Tools V1.1.3 (02.08.2024)

· By allowing smaller window sizes, the list of options on the left will change to display only icons when it is smaller than a certain size. 

· The right-click options menu adds edge judgment (for example, if there is not enough space at the bottom, it will expand upwards, and if there is not enough space on the right side, it will expand to the left) to prevent incomplete display of options when it is at the edge of the monitor. 

· On the player data editing page, a jersey number option was added (if the player's number is to be retired, the number in the data will be used). 

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