NBA 2K24 Jerseys (Association, Icon, Statement, City & Classic)


NBA 2K24 Jerseys (Association, Icon, Statement, City & Classic)

The fix covers Association, Icon, Statement, Classic, and City jerseys for all 30 teams. The Pinoy21 jerseys have been corrected, with tweaks made to the default NBA2K24 file. Some teams can still use the default tweak files. 

The update will be ongoing if necessary, and the creator has compiled a pack of recently released Pinoy21 jerseys to avoid issues. It's emphasized that all tweak files are compatible only with Pinoy21 jerseys and not with roster files. 

Users are advised to wait for 2K24 Tools to assign City jerseys to their custom roster, and it's highlighted that no files or textures have been taken – the tweaks were manually edited in the NBA2K24 files to enable the use of Pinoy21 jerseys from NBA2K23.

Author: Kyu

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