NBA 2K24 Max Strus Cyberface & Body Update


NBA 2K24 Max Strus Cyberface & Body Update
NBA 2K24 Max Strus Cyberface & Body Update by Drian9K

This NBA 2K24 mod, created by Drian9K, introduces a lifelike cyberface and hairstyle upgrade for Max Strus. Witness a substantial visual enhancement as the mod meticulously captures the precise details of Strus' face and distinctive hairstyle.

The facial features have been finely tuned to authentically reflect the player's unique characteristics, from expressions to subtle nuances. Additionally, the mod includes a comprehensive revamp of Max Strus' hairstyle, ensuring each strand is realistically portrayed with attention to detail. 

The 'Pay it Forward' Custom Wristband serves as a distinctive addition, bringing a personalized touch to Max Strus' in-game attire. The body shape and model have been meticulously updated to better match the player's real-life physique, enhancing the overall authenticity of the character.

 Furthermore, a realistic skin and face texture have been applied, elevating the visual fidelity and contributing to a more immersive gaming experience for NBA 2K24 players engaging with Max Strus.