NBA 2K24 & 2K23 New Gen Lighting Mod Project



NBA 2K24 New Gen Lighting

Next-Gen Experience on Old Gen PC

This mod, created by modder vetmin, introduces next-gen lighting from the PS5 version to PC, enhancing the visual experience by simulating realistic illumination. 

By incorporating advanced lighting techniques, typically found in next-gen consoles like the PS5, into the PC version, users can now enjoy a revitalized and fresh gaming experience comparable to the standards of the new generation. This modification bridges the gap between the older generation PC graphics and the cutting-edge capabilities of next-gen consoles, allowing PC gamers to immerse themselves in a more authentic and visually stunning environment. 

The mod not only elevates the aesthetics of the PC gaming experience but also brings a sense of parity with the advancements seen in the latest gaming platforms, enriching the overall enjoyment for PC users seeking a more contemporary and visually engaging gameplay experience.

How to Set Up this Mod?

Drag and drop all three files into your Mods folder.

Download Link