NBA 2K24 Realistic Shoes Update v6.7 (+100 Shoes)


NBA 2K24 Massive Realistic Shoes Update

In the latest update for NBA 2K24, similar to 2K23, several sneakers underwent updates, addressing issues such as bugs and missing photos caused by incorrect parameter settings. Previously, these sneakers could only be used in color matching, but the models were not displayed correctly. 

This repairs have been implemented, resolving the photo display issue. Now, players can wear these customizable sneakers without encountering modifier-related problems. Furthermore, this update introduces color matching for both Harden's 8th generation and AE1 generation shoes, complete with corresponding photos. 

Notably, this is a direct addition to the original version, eliminating the need for additional settings and without affecting the count of color-matched sneakers created in the settings. Additionally, the update addresses the problem of the original Ja Morant 1 Family Trivia sneakers not displaying properly, ensuring that this issue is now resolved.

Author: Mr.Star

Category: Shoes