NBA 2K24 Realistic Sliders (Real Sim) V2


NBA 2K24 Most Realistic Sliders (Real Sim)

 Kyrie's sliders primarily focuses on enhancing both offensive and defensive characteristics of the computer players, mirroring the trends of the contemporary basketball landscape.

Enhancements for the Modern Game:

Kyrie's sliders bring forth a series of adjustments aimed at capturing the essence of the current "magic ball era," reflecting the evolving nature of basketball strategy and gameplay.

Embracing the Three-Point Revolution:

Kyrie's sliders intelligently elevate the three-point shooting prowess of computer players, aligning the game with the current emphasis on long-range sniping. This adjustment not only enhances the realism of the virtual basketball experience but also captures the essence of the three-point-centric playing style dominating the real-world NBA.

Pace and Fast Breaks:

The need for speed is addressed as Kyrie increases the speed of both offensive and defensive maneuvers. By doing so, he ensures that fast breaks become a more frequent and exhilarating aspect of the game. No longer will players witness the frustrating halting of fast breaks; instead, Kyrie's sliders open up the floor for a faster and more dynamic gaming experience.

Alley-Oops and Thunderous Dunks:

Kyrie's sliders introduce a heightened probability of successful alley-oops and electrifying dunks by computer players. This adjustment not only adds a layer of excitement to the game but also mirrors the real-world athleticism and showmanship that fans love to witness on the basketball court.

Strategic Passing and Reduced Turnovers:

Passing in the virtual realm receives a strategic overhaul with adjusted passing ability and turnover probabilities. Kyrie's sliders aim to create a more calculated and realistic passing game, reducing the likelihood of unnecessary turnovers and enhancing the overall flow of the gameplay.

Optimized Blocks and Steals:

Defensive maneuvers, including blocks and steals, undergo optimization to ensure a more natural and lifelike defensive performance by computer players. This adjustment contributes to a more balanced and realistic representation of player capabilities on the court.

Balanced Bounce and Avoiding Superhuman Feats:

Kyrie's sliders take a step towards realism by reducing the default bounce value. This alteration prevents the occurrence of exaggerated and unrealistic scenarios where every player seems to defy gravity. The aim is to ground the gaming experience in a more authentic representation of player abilities.

Foul Play:

The probability of fouls is increased, injecting an additional layer of realism into the game. Kyrie's sliders acknowledge the physicality of basketball, ensuring that players face consequences for aggressive plays and challenging maneuvers.

Guarding Against Blocks:

A notable adjustment targets the tendencies of small guards, reducing their inclination to charge forward and get blocked shots from close range without a strategic approach. This tweak adds strategic depth to the gaming experience, aligning with the challenges faced by smaller players in real-world basketball.


Kyrie's Version sliders for NBA 2K24 represent a commendable effort to bridge the gap between virtual and real-world basketball. 

By carefully calibrating offensive and defensive elements, Kyrie introduces a set of sliders that not only enhance the overall gaming experience but also reflect the ever-evolving dynamics of contemporary basketball. 

As the gaming community embraces these realistic sliders, one can only anticipate further refinements and innovations that continue to elevate the virtual basketball experience to new heights.

Author: Kyrie GS

Category: Sliders