NBA 2K24 Roster Modding (Hook Plugin) for NBA 2K24 Tools



NBA 2K24 Roster Modding (Hook Plugin) for NBA 2K24 Tools

Basic Support for Custom Roster Creation (Roster Editing Plugin):

 This plugin is essential for making modded rosters in NBA 2K24 with NBA 2K24 Tools. Without this plugin, the data will be reset after saving the roster, rendering the mods invalid.

Without this plugin: If you don't have this plugin installed, after making changes to the player list, teams, or any other roster-related data, the game would, by default, reset those changes to the official version.

With this plugin installed: Having this plugin installed prevents the game from automatically resetting the roster data. Therefore, your modifications will remain valid and won't be lost after saving the roster.

This modding roster editing plugin ensures that the modifications you make to the player rosters are preserved and not overridden by the official data when saving the roster. This allows for greater flexibility and customization in the gaming experience by enabling you to maintain your own roster adjustments.

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