Best Scoring Moves NBA 2K24 MyCAREER (All Details)


Best Scoring Moves NBA 2K24 MyCAREER (All Details)

NBA 2K24 Best Scoring Moves

NBA 2K24 offers a dynamic virtual basketball experience where mastering signature moves is key to asserting dominance on the digital court. In this guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of specific player animations, jump shots, layup styles, and more, to help you fine-tune your skills and become a scoring sensation. Here are the best scoring moves according to 2K content creator Solo:

Jumpshot: Green

The Green Jumpshot is a popular choice among virtual sharpshooters. Known for its smooth release and accuracy, this jump shot can be the difference-maker in crucial moments. Practice your timing to consistently hit those green releases and watch your three-point shooting percentage soar.

Free Throw: Free Throw 17

When the game is on the line, having a reliable free throw shot is essential. Free Throw 17 provides a clean and straightforward motion, allowing you to confidently knock down free throws even in high-pressure situations. Perfect your free throw routine to ensure you're clutch when it matters most.

Layup Style: Default Small

The Default Small layup style is perfect for nimble guards who need to maneuver through tight defenses. Its quick and compact motion helps you finish at the rim with finesse, making it an ideal choice for players who rely on their agility to score inside.

Dunk Style: Dunk

Choosing the Dunk style for your player adds a touch of authority to your rim attacks. Slamming down powerful dunks not only energizes your virtual teammates but also demoralizes your opponents. Equip this style to dominate the paint and assert your presence near the basket.

Dribble Pull-Up: Pro 2

The Pro 2 Dribble Pull-Up is a versatile move that allows you to create separation from defenders before launching a jump shot. Mastering this dribble pull-up gives you the ability to pull defenders out of position, opening up scoring opportunities both inside and outside the paint.

Spin Jumper: Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry's Spin Jumper is a deadly move that mirrors the real-life precision of the three-point maestro. Use this animation to add a touch of finesse to your mid-range game, catching defenders off guard and draining shots with the style of a true marksman.

Hop Jumper: Davion Mitchell

Davion Mitchell's Hop Jumper provides a swift and explosive motion, perfect for players looking to elevate quickly for a jump shot. This dynamic move can catch defenders flat-footed, allowing you to rise above the competition and knock down shots with ease.

Post Face: Pro 2

The Pro 2 Post Face animation brings a combination of finesse and skill to your post-up game. Use this style to create space for mid-range shots or maneuver for a closer look at the basket, adding a new dimension to your offensive repertoire.

Post Hook: Normal

The Normal Post Hook is a fundamental move that provides reliability in the post area. Whether you're facing up against a defender or backing them down, having a solid post hook can be a game-changer in scoring efficiently in the paint.

Post Hop Shot: Normal

The Normal Post Hop Shot allows you to quickly elevate for a mid-range shot in post-up situations. Use this move strategically to keep defenders guessing and add versatility to your scoring options in the post.

Motion Style: Base

Selecting a base motion style is crucial for the overall feel and control of your player's movements. Experiment with different bases to find the one that complements your playing style, offering fluidity and control whether you're driving to the basket, pulling up for a shot, or navigating through traffic.


By incorporating these signature moves into your virtual basketball arsenal, you'll be well on your way to dominating the competition in NBA 2K24. Remember to practice these moves in various game situations to maximize their effectiveness and elevate your scoring game to new heights.

 Whether you're a sharpshooter from beyond the arc or a dominant force in the paint, mastering these signature moves will make you a true scoring sensation on the digital court.