How to Equip Scars on Players' Faces in NBA 2K24 Season 4



How to Equip Scars on Players' Faces in NBA 2K24 Season 4

The Season 4 of NBA 2K24 introduces an exciting feature that allows players to add scars or scratches to their  player' faces. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of equipping scars, specifically using the "scarring 2" option, to enhance the realism and uniqueness of your player's appearance.

Steps to Equip Scars:

Access MyPLAYER:

· Navigate to the MyPLAYER section from the main menu.

Enter Appearance Settings:

· Select the "Appearance" option to enter the appearance customization menu.

Head Creation:

· Within the Appearance menu, find and select "Head Creation."

Navigate to Cheeks:

· Look for the option to customize facial features and navigate to the "Cheeks" section.

Access Scarring Options:

· Click on the triangle icon, which typically represents additional options or advanced settings.

Select "Scarring 2":

·Once in the advanced settings or options, find the "Scarring" section.

· Locate and choose "Scarring 2" to apply the specific scar configuration.

Save and Apply:

· After selecting "Scarring 2," save your changes and apply the customization to your player.


By following these precise steps in the MyPLAYER menu, you can easily equip the "Scarring 2" option to add scars to your player's face in NBA 2K24 Season 4. Enhance your virtual athlete's appearance and showcase your unique style on the court!