NBA 2K23 Coaches Wearing Jackets (Black & Colored)



NBA 2K23 Coaches Wearing Jackets (Black & Colored)

Traditionally, coaches in NBA 2K have been depicted wearing suits during games. However, the introduction of this particular mod createdt by Looyh "Coaches Wearing Jackets" for NBA 2K23 introduces a shift in this aesthetic. Coaches now sport jackets, bringing a new level of style and modernity to the sidelines. This alteration not only serves as a cosmetic change but also influences the overall atmosphere of the NBA games on NBA 2K23.

The mod introduces two distinct options for coaches' jackets. Players can opt for the timeless and sophisticated look of black jackets, providing a classic touch to the virtual basketball court. On the other hand, for those seeking a more spirited and team-centric atmosphere, the mod also offers jackets in the vibrant colors associated with each NBA team. This diversity in options allows players to align the virtual sidelines with their preferred style.

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