NBA 2K24 Season 4 Inferno Available Via Agends & Pack Market



NBA 2K24 Season 4 Inferno Available Via Agends & Pack Market

Season 4 kicks off with a blaze as the fan-favorite Inferno theme makes a triumphant return, bringing a fresh reimagining of the theme and an innovative new format. Dive into the sizzling action with the introduction of new Inferno Packs & Boxes in the Pack Market, promising an electrifying experience for NBA 2K24 players. 

Here's the twist: for the next week, all Inferno Player Cards are up for grabs directly via Agendas. No need to rely on chance—complete 10 feats, each tailored for a specific Inferno Player Card, and seize the opportunity to add these fiery cards to your collection. Keep in mind that these cards will later make their way into the Player Market, offering a unique acquisition approach. 

The ultimate goal? Complete the entire Agenda Group to secure the Pink Diamond Tracy McGrady. The Agendas are a blend of Single Player and Multiplayer requirements, catering to all play styles. 

Half of the Agendas can be conquered entirely in Single Player MyTEAM modes, including those for Pink Diamond Curry and Kirilenko. As for the Multiplayer Agendas, two are adaptable to any multiplayer mode for Diamond Players, while the rest challenge players to achieve victories and statistics in specific modes. The Inferno Collection boasts 11 thrilling Player Cards, featuring the likes of Pink Diamond Stephen Curry, Pink Diamond Andrei Kirilenko, and Diamond Paolo Banchero. 

Additionally, familiar faces return from the first Inferno set, including Amethyst Brandon Jennings, Amethyst Deandre Ayton, and the sought-after Pink Diamond Tracy McGrady! As a heads-up for collectors, a change awaits in the Pack Market: starting with the Inferno release, Amethyst players already in your collection will no longer trigger a walkout animation. Stay on your toes, gather your feats, and let the Inferno collection blaze a trail of excitement in your MyTEAM journey!

Inferno Collection:

· Pink Diamond Tracy McGrady

· Pink Diamond Stephen Curry

· Pink Diamond Andrei Kirilenko

· Diamond Paolo Banchero

· Diamond Clyde Drexler

· Diamond Tyler Herro

· Diamond Jamal Murray

· Amethyst Deandre Ayton

· Amethyst James Jones

· Amethyst Brandon Jennings

· Amethyst Jarace Walker