NBA 2K24 Gameplay Patch for NBA 2K23 PC



NBA 2K24 Gameplay Patch for NBA 2K23 PC

NBA 2K24 Gameplay for NBA 2K23

This mod changes the gameplay in NBA 2K23 by importing aspects of CPU logic from 2K24.

How to Set Up the Gameplay Patch

Drag motion.iff to the Mods folder. There are three different versions, in case for some reason one of them suits you better: 

(1) 2K24 Version - This is actually just the motion.iff exported from 2K24. 

(2) 2K23 version with 2K24 updates - Same as the 2K24 version, except it also has four tables that were present in 2K23 (probably useless to most users), but were removed in 2K24. See notes below. 

(3) Alternate Mixing 2K23 and 2K24 Versions - Same as (2), except instead of using the 2K24 "personnel" table, only the 2K23 table remains. I'd like to offer this as an alternative since it's not that obvious from the name what this table might control (I haven't done any in-game testing with any specific table). If users are having issues playing the full 2K24 setup, they may want to try this alternative version in case the Personnel table is causing the problem. Again, see below for more explanation.

Author: vetmin

Category: Gameplay