NBA 2K24 Roster Update with City, Earned & Classic Jerseys



Roster with City, Earned and Classic Jerseys from 2017-2022 for NBA 2K24

Mod Description:

The roster included in the pack primarily replicates the latest official roster from 2K, but it is notably enhanced by the incorporation of various mods of Nike City, Classic, and Earned jerseys from the years 2017 to 2022, in addition to a selection of concept jerseys. These additions have been meticulously adjusted by a range of modders to ensure that jersey names and numbers are displayed accurately. 

Acknowledgment is due to Shuajota for the valuable advice provided on the NLSC forum on converting jersey tweaks to be compatible with the 2K24 format. Appreciation is extended to Pinoy21, Stove, CHession11, Dlubell, Kyuu, NecMetu, and many others for their considerable contributions and the hours spent in crafting these jerseys. 

Utilizing Looyh's 2K24 Tools, it is possible to transfer these jerseys into any roster. The City jerseys within the roster have been given custom names to illustrate the inspiration behind each design. For example, the inspiration for the current Bulls City jersey is cited as the Chicago Stadium. 

A notable point is that due to a potential software glitch, there might be instances where jerseys are paired with incorrect shorts or a completely different jersey may be displayed during the team selection process, dependent on their placement within the 2K24 Tools jersey slots. However, this glitch does not impact the display of the correct jersey during actual gameplay.

Author: hollshore

Mod Category: Rosters

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