Is WWE 2K24 Cross-Platform or Crossplay?



Is WWE 2K24 Cross-Platform or Crossplay?

Get ready to step back into the ring with WWE 2K24, the latest installment in the series of wrestling games. Fans of multiplayer modes are eager to know something crucial. Is WWE 2K24 cross-platform and does it support crossplay? 

This feature allows players on different gaming platforms, such as PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, to compete against each other, expanding the pool of potential opponents. 

Does WWE 2K24 have crossplay?

Unfortunately, WWE 2K24 does not currently support cross-platform play. This means that players can only compete against others who are using the same gaming platform as its FAQ says. For example, two players using PlayStation 5 could play against each other, but a PlayStation player could not compete against an Xbox player. 

However, WWE 2K24 does support cross-progression within the same console family. This means that any progress made in the game and your wallet balance can be transferred between old-generation and current-gen consoles such as other rewards. For instance, PS4 data can be moved to PS5, and Xbox One data to Xbox X|S. Please note that DLC items will not carry over between generations. 

While cross-platform play is not currently available in WWE 2K24, the developers at Visual Concepts have expressed interest in adding this feature in the future. So, there’s a possibility that we may see cross-platform play in future WWE titles or even in an update for WWE 2K24. Stay tuned to the WWE 2K24 Community for more updates and keep those controllers ready for the next match!