NBA 2K24 2KTV Quiz Answers: Episode 26 (Free VC)



NBA 2K24 2KTV Quiz Answers: Episode 26 (Free VC)

Are you a die-hard NBA 2K fan looking to earn some extra VC (Virtual Currency)? Look no further! In Episode 26 of NBA 2K24’s 2KTV, you have the chance to win free VC by answering a series of questions.

Episode 26 Quiz: How to Get Free VC

The latest episode, Episode 26, follows this tradition and offers players a new set of questions to tackle. For those looking to maximize their winnings, here are the correct answers for the Episode 26 quiz.

 Let’s dive into the correct answers and help you boost your in-game currency:

1. Celtics.

2. Both Are Tied.

3. 60,000.

4. 1991.

5. DeMar DeRozan.

6. Rodney.

7. New York Knicks.

8. Pick any of them.

10. 399.

Episode 26 of NBA 2KTV is the latest gateway to earning free VC, offering a total of 10 questions, each worth 200 VC. That's a potential 2,000 VC up for grabs, a sum that can significantly enhance your NBA 2K24 experience.