NBA 2K24 Blacktop + (New Outfits, Courts, Scoreboards & More)


NBA 2K24 Blacktop + (New Outfits, Courts, Scoreboards & More)

NBA 2K24 Blacktop Plus New Features:

1. Scoreboard Management: A new feature that includes a total of 13 default scoreboards.

2. Outfit Management: A new custom undershirt feature allows you to select undershirts for certain jackets or jerseys. Additional clothing resources and thumbnails have been added.

3. New Courts: 10 new courts have been introduced, increasing the default total to 40 courts.

4. Court Management: A new feature to disable crowd sound effects has been added, improving the experience on courts without crowds.

5. New Gameplay Features: Options to disable blacktop dunk packages; player lock; and set the winning score condition (ranging from 5 to 255 points) have been introduced.

6. Settings: New settings include cache clearing for all cached outfit preview images; automatic closure of the plugin GUI after selecting a court, ball, or scoreboard; and the option to choose a style for the Player Selection Lineup.

7. UI Updates and Adjustments: UI improvements and minor optimizations have been implemented, including a global function to return to the game using controller button Y or keyboard key Enter, and more.

Version: 1.0

Category: Cyberfaces

Author: Looyh

This mod only works on NBA 2K24.