2K have decided to unban WWE 2K24 Modder WhatsTheStatus


2K have decided to unban WWE 2K24 Modder WhatsTheStatus

 In a surprising turn of events, 2K Games and WWE Games have decided to unban the well-known modder WhatsTheStatus following widespread complaints from the game’s community. WhatsTheStatus, who was banned last week for a “violation of terms,” took to Twitter to share the good news. After engaging in discussions with both 2K and the WWE team, they reached an agreement that WhatsTheStatus described as “fair”.

Originally, 2K and developer Visual Concepts expressed dissatisfaction with WhatsTheStatus’ mods, citing their negative impact on the overall game experience for other players. As a result, the modder was banned to ensure a positive WWE 2K24 experience for everyone. However, the ban sparked a strong reaction from fans, leading to the trending hashtag #FreeStatus across multiple territories.

In response to the community’s outcry, the WWE 2K24 team issued a statement on the game’s subreddit: “We’ve heard your voices and wanted to let you know we’ve met with Status and had a productive discussion, touching on stability concerns and performance issues related to some popular mods. As a result of this discourse, we are lifting Status’ ban, effective immediately, working with him to bring back some of his content which doesn’t cause stability issues, and moving forward with him towards a common understanding”. 2K Dev team announced this on the video game´s subreddit.

WhatsTheStatus expressed gratitude to the community, saying, “WWEGames and I have met on how my mods can impact the game. We’ve come to an agreement, and a fair one at that. Thank you guys for the support, thanks to all of you, my ban has been lifted”. While it remains unclear which of WhatsTheStatus’ mods will return, the phrase “some of his content” suggests that fans will be able to continue using certain mods as long as they don’t disrupt game stability.

In related news, WWE 2K24 players recently discovered that footage of former WWE boss Vince McMahon has been blurred out in the game. This decision followed confirmation that McMahon would not be a playable wrestler due to allegations of sexual assault and trafficking against him earlier this year. Despite this, McMahon still appears in some parts of the game’s showcase mode, allowing players to relive iconic moments from WrestleMania history.

The unbanning of WhatsTheStatus is a positive step for the WWE 2K24 community, emphasizing the importance of open dialogue and understanding between developers and players. Fans can now look forward to enjoying the modder’s content once again, enhancing their WWE 2K24 experience.