The Best WWE 2K24 CAWs: A Top 10 List


The Best WWE 2K24 CAWs: A Top 10 List

In the world of WWE 2K24, the game’s expansive roster is just the beginning. The real depth of the game comes from its Create-A-Wrestler (CAW) feature, which allows players to create their own custom wrestlers or recreate famous personalities not included in the official roster. These CAWs can bring a whole new level of immersion and personalization to your WWE 2K24 experience.

Downloading CAWs is simple. Just head to the Online section of the game, select Community Creations, and then Downloads. From there, you can search for specific creators or browse through the most popular or recent creations. Once you’ve found a CAW you like, simply download it and it will be added to your roster.

Now, let’s dive into our top 10 list of the best WWE 2K24 CAWs. These are the creations that stand out for their accuracy, creativity, and overall quality.

1The Rock ‘24 The Final Boss CAW by WhatsTheStatus

2. Dean Ambrose CAW by WhatsTheStatus

3. Roman Reigns CAW by WhatsTheStatus

4. The Rock ‘24 CAW by WittyWitterson

5. Seth Rollins CAW by WhatsTheStatus

6. Batista ´19 CAW by WittyWitterson 

7. The Fiend Bray Watt ´19 CAW by WhatsTheStatus

8. Referee Pack by Tyrant185

9. Batista ´05 CAW by WhatsTheStatus

10. Sting Wolfpac CAW by hairydirtysoul

This is a compilation of the top 10 CAWs by some of the most talented CAW creators such as @WhatsTheStatus, @WittyWiterson, @Tyrant195, @hairydirtysoul, though you'll find other very good ones by other creators such as @viscerealist, @KungFucCAWs, @iconic2k, @PETCHYcreations, @soyElRuu, @DrGorillaNuts, @RebelCaws, @Azorthious, @CAWSushi, @GameVolt1, @IconsofTheRing, @WillAmazin, @JoeMashups, @Valoween, among others.

In conclusion, the WWE 2K24 CAW community is a treasure trove of creativity and talent. Whether you’re looking to expand your roster with realistic recreations of your favorite wrestlers or unique, custom creations, there’s no shortage of high-quality CAWs to choose from. So why wait? Dive into the world of WWE 2K24 CAWs and discover the endless possibilities that await.