What We Know So Far On the Ban of WhatsTheStatus in WWE 2K24


hatsTheStatus has been banned from WWE 2K24

 The recent ban of WhatsTheStatus from the WWE 2K24 community has sparked a wave of controversy. This renowned content creator is one of the main reasons why people purchase WWE 2K24. Some of his creations have surpassed a million downloads, demonstrating his significant contribution to the game’s popularity.

The Impact of the Ban

The ban has led to an outcry from the community, with the hashtag #FreeStatus trending on X (formerly Twitter) in recent hours. Many believe that the ban may have been a mistake, and are calling on 2K to reconsider their decision.

WhatsTheStatus has been a pillar of the WWE 2K24 community, and his absence is keenly felt. His creations have brought joy to many players, and his ban has left a void in the community.

The Power of Community Action

Absolutely, the power of community action cannot be underestimated. By retweeting the attached tweet from the WWE 2K24 Community, fans can collectively voice their support for Whatsthestatus. This collective action could potentially influence 2K to review the case and lift the ban on WhatsTheStatus. 

Remember, every retweet counts and adds to the growing demand for justice for this beloved content creator. Let’s stand together and make our voices heard in the WWE 2K24 community. #FreeStatus.


In conclusion, the ban of Whatsthestatus is a significant event in the WWE 2K24 community. It is hoped that 2K will reconsider their decision and lift the ban, allowing this talented content creator to continue contributing to the game. The community eagerly awaits the return of WhatsTheStatus.