NBA 2K24 2024 Draft Class (70+ Realistic Players)


NBA 2K24 2024 Draft Class 2024 (70+ Realistic Players)


This mod adds a realistic 2024 draft class to NBA 2K24. Some of the top rookies included in the 2024 NBA Draft:

Alex Sarr (Perth Wildcats): Alex Sarr is a top NBA prospect who has been projected to potentially go as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft12. He has been part of the Real Madrid team and has shown his skills in key events like the Draft Combine3.

Matas Buzelis (G-League Ignite): Buzelis is a versatile 6'10" forward with a unique skill set for his size. Known for his ball-handling, shooting, and playmaking abilities, he has drawn comparisons to modern NBA forwards who can stretch the floor and create for others.

Ron Holland (G-League Ignite): Holland is an athletic 6'8" forward with a strong defensive presence. He excels in transition, has a high motor, and shows potential as a versatile defender who can guard multiple positions. His offensive game is improving, making him a well-rounded prospect.

Isaiah Collier (USC): Collier is a dynamic 6'4" guard with excellent playmaking skills and court vision. He's known for his ability to control the pace of the game, score efficiently, and create opportunities for his teammates. His leadership and poise make him a top prospect at the point guard position.

DJ Wagner (Kentucky): Wagner is a 6'3" guard with a strong scoring ability and a well-rounded offensive game. He can create his own shot, has a reliable jumper, and shows promise as a playmaker. His pedigree (son of former NBA player Dajuan Wagner) and high basketball IQ add to his appeal.

Justin Edwards (Kentucky): Edwards is a 6'7" wing known for his athleticism and two-way potential. He has the ability to score in various ways, defend multiple positions, and contribute on both ends of the floor. His versatility and upside make him a highly coveted prospect.

These players are expected to be among the top picks in the 2024 NBA Draft due to their impressive skills, physical attributes, and potential to impact the game at the professional level.

Category: Rosters

Author: young hampton

This mod works on NBA 2K23 and NBA 2K24.