The Best Sliders in WWE 2K24 and How to Get Them



WWE 2K24, one of the most anticipated sports games of 2024, delivers a spectacular and immersive gaming experience1. This experience can be taken to a whole new level by slightly changing the game sliders, making the WWE 2K24 gameplay much more realistic. Here are some of the best sliders you can use in WWE 2K24 for a realistic experience.

Balancing Sliders

Balancing sliders are the most important ones as they impact the in-ring action the most. Here are some recommended settings:

· A.I. Standing Strike Reversal Rate: 60

· A.I. Standing Grapple Reversal Rate: 50

· A.I. Ground Strike Reversal Rate: 40

· A.I. Ground Grapple Reversal Rate: 55

· A.I. Finisher Reversal Rate: 35

· A.I. Foreign Object Attack Reversal Rate: 15

· A.I. Grab Breaker Rate: 40

· A.I. Combo Breaker Rate: 40

· A.I. Combo Rate: 40

· A.I. Submission Rate: 40

· A.I. Dive Rate: 35

· A.I. Springboard Rate: 35

· A.I. Grapple Rate: 60

· A.I. Strike Rate: 40

· A.I. Limb Targeting Rate: 45

· A.I. Running Attack Rate: 45

· A.I. Block Rate: 45

· A.I. Dodge Rate: 351

Gameplay Sliders

Gameplay sliders come down to personal preference, so they might vary a lot. Here are some recommended settings for a more realistic experience:

· Weight Detection: Simulation

· Stamina Mode: Normal

· Pin Mini-Game: Timed

· Pin Mini-Game First Count Lock After Finisher: Off

· Trading Blows: Auto Only

· Allow Held Input For Mini-Games: Off

· Rope Break (Automatic): On

· Auto-Reversal For Ground Attacks: On

· Entrance Run-In (Play Mode): Player

· Mid Match Run-In (Play Mode): On

· Post Match Run-In (Play Mode): On

· Blood: On

· Subtitles: On

· Tutorial Tips: On

· Edited7Created Superstars: Allowed1


These sliders can be accessed and adjusted in the game settings. Make sure to try these changes for a couple of matches and see if you like them. If you don’t, then change them until you find the perfect sliders for you.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to enhance your gaming experience and make it as realistic as possible.