Anthony Edwards Is The Ideal Cover Athlete for NBA 2K25



Anthony Edwards Is The Ideal Cover Athlete for NBA 2K25

Anthony Edwards has been a sensation in the 2023-2024 season, leading the Minnesota Timberwolves with his exceptional skills and charismatic presence. His performance has not only won him accolades but also the hearts of fans worldwide. It’s high time that 2K Sports recognizes his contributions and features him as the cover athlete for NBA 2K25.

A Rising Star

Edwards’ rise to stardom has been nothing short of phenomenal. His explosive athleticism, combined with his ability to score from anywhere on the court, has made him one of the most exciting players to watch. His leadership on and off the court has been instrumental in the Timberwolves’ success, making him a worthy candidate for the cover of NBA 2K25.

Fan Demand for Real Face Scan

Fans have been clamoring for a real face scan of Edwards since he entered the NBA. The current render does not do justice to his likeness, and fans believe that featuring him on the cover would be the perfect opportunity for 2K Sports to update his in-game model. This would not only enhance the gaming experience but also show that 2K Sports values its community’s feedback.

Precedents Set by Doncic and Booker

The cases of Luka Doncic in NBA 2K22 and Devin Booker in NBA 2K23 serve as excellent examples. When these players were chosen as cover athletes, 2K Sports took the opportunity to rescan their faces, resulting in more accurate and lifelike representations. This move was well-received by fans and added an extra layer of realism to the game.

The Potential Impact

Featuring Edwards on the cover of NBA 2K25 could have several positive implications. It would not only satisfy the long-standing fan demand for a real face scan but also boost the game’s sales, given Edwards’ growing popularity. Moreover, it would send a strong message that 2K Sports is committed to improving the game’s realism and listening to its community.

In conclusion, Anthony Edwards’ inclusion as the cover athlete for NBA 2K25 would be a win-win situation for all parties involved. It’s a move that 2K Sports should seriously consider. After all, what better way to celebrate the rising star of the NBA than by featuring him on the cover of the world’s most popular basketball video game?