Jayson Tatum looks to be the cover athlete for NBA 2K25


Everything indicates that Jayson Tatum will be the cover athlete for NBA 2K25.

 Jayson Tatum: The Next Face of NBA 2K25?

The Boston Celtics’ triumphant victory in the 2023-2024 championship has set the stage for the next big event in the basketball world: the release of NBA 2K25. Among the swirling rumors and speculations, one name stands out as the potential cover athlete for the upcoming game - Jayson Tatum.

The Championship Effect

The Celtics’ championship win has undoubtedly boosted Tatum’s visibility and popularity. As a key player in the team’s success, his performance on the court has been nothing short of spectacular. This victory not only cements his status as one of the top players in the league but also makes him a strong contender for the coveted spot on the NBA 2K25 cover.

Rumors and Speculations

Rumors about Tatum being the cover athlete for NBA 2K25 have been circulating even before the Celtics clinched the championship. Now, with the championship title under his belt, these rumors have gained more traction. Fans and pundits alike are speculating that Tatum’s outstanding performance and rising star power make him a prime candidate for the cover.

“Ball Over Everything”

Adding fuel to the fire, the official NBA 2K account on platform X recently congratulated Tatum on his championship win with a cryptic message: “Ball Over Everything”. This phrase, rumored to be the slogan for the upcoming game, could be a subtle hint at their cover athlete choice. If this is indeed the case, it seems to suggest that Tatum, with his championship win and undeniable talent, embodies the “Ball Over Everything” spirit.

A Hint from the Official NBA 2K Account 

In an interesting development, the official NBA 2K account on platform X has changed its profile picture. The new design matches perfectly with the one seen in the video where they congratulate Jayson Tatum on his first NBA championship. This could be another subtle hint pointing towards Tatum as the cover athlete for NBA 2K25.


While nothing is confirmed until the official announcement, the signs pointing towards Jayson Tatum as the cover athlete for NBA 2K25 are compelling. His championship win, the circulating rumors, and the cryptic message from the NBA 2K account all seem to suggest that we might be seeing Tatum’s face on the cover of the next NBA 2K game. Only time will tell if these speculations hold true. Until then, the anticipation continues to build.