NBA 2K25: Rookies, Ratings & Face Scans



NBA 2K25 Rookies Face Scans and Ratings

The NBA 2K series has been the go-to basketball simulation for gamers and basketball fans alike. With its realistic gameplay, signature player animations, and in-depth game modes, NBA 2K has set the standard for sports video games.

 As we approach the release of NBA 2K25, there’s a lot of anticipation about the new features, player ratings, and especially the rookie class. This article will delve into the rookies we expect to see in NBA 2K25, their anticipated ratings, and the exciting new face scans technology.

Prelude to NBA 2K25: The 12 Rookies in NBA 2K24 MyTEAM

In a prelude to NBA 2K25, 2K is adding 12 rookies to NBA 2K24 MyTEAM on June 26, 2024. These rookies are:

- Robert Dillingham

- Reed Sheppard

- Stephon Castle

- Alex Sarr

- Matas Buzelis

- Donovan Clingan

- Zach Edey

- Cody Williams

- Nikola Topic

- Ron Holland

- Justin Edwards

- Kyle Filipowski

Predicted Overall Ratings (OVR) for TOP NBA 2K25 Rookies

1. Zaccharie Risacher: OVR 81

2. Alexandre Sarr: OVR 80

3. Reed Sheppard: OVR 79

4. Stephon Castle: OVR 79

5. Matas Buzelis: OVR 78

6. Dalton Knecht: OVR 78

7. Donovan Clingan: OVR 77

8. Cody Williams: OVR 77

9. Tidjane Salaun: OVR 76

10. Ronald Holland: OVR 76

11. Devin Carter: OVR 75

12. Carlton Carrington: OVR 75

13. Ja’Kobe Walter: OVR 74

14. Jared McCain: OVR 74

15. Tristan da Silva: OVR 73

Ratings Revealed So Far

1. Jaylen Wells: 68 OVR

2. Jared McCain: 70 OVR

When can we expect to see the face scans of the rookies in NBA 2K25? 

Here’s an explanation: The face scans of these 12 rookies will be revealed by 2K today. However, these won’t be the final face scans. The players will be scanned again during the NBA 2K25 Summer League in Las Vegas. This means that the players’ appearances in the game will be as close to their real-life appearances as possible, providing a more immersive gaming experience.