Why Jerry West Should Be the Cover Athlete for NBA 2K25


NBA 2K25 Jerry West Cover
Cover concept by zgvisualz

 A Tribute to a Legend

The world of basketball recently lost one of its most iconic figures, Jerry West. Known as “The Logo” due to his silhouette being the basis for the NBA logo, West’s impact on the sport is immeasurable. As we approach the release of NBA 2K25, expected in September 2024, it’s time to consider honoring this legend in a fitting manner. Here’s why Jerry West deserves to be the cover athlete for NBA 2K25, at least for a special edition.

A Legacy Worth Celebrating

Jerry West’s career was nothing short of extraordinary. As a player, he made the All-Star game in all 14 years of his career, made 12 All-NBA teams, and was named to the NBA’s Top 75 players list1. He led the Lakers to the NBA Finals nine times, winning one championship in 1972. His performances were so outstanding that he remains the only player to ever win Finals MVP on a losing team.


As an executive, West won eight rings and is considered by many to be the greatest talent evaluator of all time1. He was instrumental in creating the Showtime Lakers with Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, trading up for Kobe Bryant, and signing Shaquille O’Neal.



Gameplay Opportunities

Featuring Jerry West on the cover of NBA 2K25 could open up a wealth of gameplay opportunities. Players could relive West’s most iconic moments, similar to the Mamba Moments challenges that allowed players to recreate Kobe Bryant’s most awe-inspiring performances.


Imagine a series of “Logo Challenges” where players step into West’s shoes during his most memorable games. These could include scoring 48 points and grabbing 16 rebounds against the Sacramento Kings in the 2001 Western Conference Semi-finals, or hitting a hat trick of three-pointers against the Settled SuperSonics.


A Fitting Tribute

Having Jerry West as the cover athlete for NBA 2K25 would be a fitting tribute to a man who has given so much to the sport. It would allow a new generation of fans to learn about his legacy and appreciate his contributions to basketball. It would also be a poignant way to remember and celebrate his life, following his recent passing.

In conclusion, Jerry West’s impact on basketball is undeniable. His legacy, both as a player and an executive, makes him a worthy candidate for the cover of NBA 2K25. As fans eagerly await the game’s release in September 2024, featuring West on the cover would be a fitting tribute to a true legend of the sport.