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FIBA 2K19 PC MOD Released

Welcome to FIBA 2K19 PC MOD

Welcome, I´m Shuajota.
I want to present you my project #FIBA2K19 PC MOD. The definitive FIBA experience in NBA 2K, an accurate roster with all the 32 national teams with real cyberfaces, uniforms, logos, arenas, courts, ball and more!
This mod have been created with love, passion and dedication during 7 months. Behind this there are a lot of hours and I will continue improving it in the future. I hope you enjoy like I did it creating it.

*If you want to support my project, you can donate me with Paypal:
Don´t send money to my old PayPal account, the new one is, thanks for your support!

Special thanks to:
gregswaste, ksmiz,  Arnau13, Maravich, TwisT, TGSoGood, RobDavis, InFaMouS ny, Looyh, YKWL...
Thanks to everyone for tools, cheat tables, tutorials, textures, and ideas.


Important Notes:
1. You need 1.06 exe before to install this mod for a full experience
2. I will release a new update soon fixing some issues and adding new content, please be patient if you find something wrong. It was a huge project in Summer with a limited time. 

1. Roster
Steam users: 
Name - FIBA 2K19 PC MOD
User - KraZStaR
Offline roster: 

2. Modded Files (AIO with waigua)
Download Link: