FIBA 2K19 PC MOD will be improved with more updates

First of all I want to thank you for receiving my FIBA ​​2K19 PC Mod. I want to explain one thing about this project. This has been hard work for only one person, and it is something you should understand. At the last minute I received an important help from my friend Arnau13. But it is difficult for me, because I had a hard summer, in which I started a new job dedicating many hours to my priorities and family.

The schedules in my life changed, and when I got home I was really tired. Still I released this mod as promised and will continue to improve it in the following weeks. This is a work still in progress where I will improve the content and add new countries little by little. I made 300 cyberfaces, something really great and what I will not allow are disrespectful comments and from ignorance.

All this is free, and I have spent a lot of time creating something new and then having to read insults and disrespect. Again I want to thank my fans who support and advise me, because one thing is constructive comments and another thing very different destructive comments.

This project will be improved and important new projects will reach NBA 2K20 soon.