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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Make 2K20 Cyberfaces Compatible with NBA 2K21 Jerseys and Accesories Fix by SimonLee

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Everyone should know that in addition to the upper extremity jersey and protective gear, 20's body shape and face compensation can be used almost perfectly on 21. Take Arteezy's 2K20 Kobe 5.0 as the example.

As long as the problem of jersey protective gear is solved, you can directly use the rich face supplements released by 20 directly on 21. This patch is based on Xingda’s 2K21 Vision Protector Patch, adjusting the models of jerseys and protective gear (mainly various arm covers and short-sleeved underwear), so that the 2K20 body shape face patch can be directly used in 2K21, but almost nothing Will explode the protective gear, even if it explodes, it will only explode slightly But the problem with this patch is that it only applies to the body shape face of 20, not to 21. It will be like this when used on the png body shape of 21:

My solution is to use the large 2K20 export tool to quickly export all the png body patches (about 11.8G) of 20 and put them in the Mods folder To cover the 21 Although it sounds unbelievable, it actually only affects the 21 update and new body shape patches, and the 21 new and updated face patches are not many. Most of them are marginal characters, so there is almost no impact when playing. Another problem is that the beard of the pinched character will turn black, but I don't think the effect is big:

Then just put the 20-sided patch you want to use into the Mods folder and cover it. Take Arteezy’s 2K20 Kobe as an example, the effect of putting it in the 21 Mods folder is like this: After I played a lot of fast games and MT mode games, I found that these two problems hardly affect the game experience Anyway, the function of this patch is to quickly and directly use the many excellent patches originally downloaded in 2K20. But it may also affect the new creations of the great gods on 2K21. If you have a big opinion, I will remove it for my own use. --SimonLee