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NBA 2K22: 10 Best Mods, Ranked

NBA 2K22: 10 Best Mods, Ranked

There are quite a few mods available for NBA 2K22. Here's a look at some of the absolute best, ranked.

Every year millions of fans await the release of their favorite sports game. A good example is the NBA 2K video game, which has very large communities of players. A smaller, but very special community is found on the PC platform.

A very talented community, capable of taking the PC experience to a much higher level. We can find anything you can imagine, tools to edit rosters, new cyber faces, scoreboards, balls, crowds, arenas and courts or even tools to customize our MyPLAYER in MyCAREER mode.

Here are ten such mods that any fan of the latest game in the NBA 2K series should definitely check out.

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1. Hook Plugin

First of all, we must talk about Hook Plugin by Looyh. Without this, we could not install Mods in NBA 2K22. An indispensable plugin which will allow us to install our favorite mods. It includes the "Mods" folder, in which our modded files will be stored. 

How to Install Mods on NBA 2K22 - Tutorial

2. NBA 2K22 Tools

NBA 2K22 Tools by Looyh from EYEUC is a very powerful tool, with which we can edit a roster as we want. We will have access to everything from changing team names, editing accessories colors, adding face ids to players to editing staff and creating our own coaches. An ideal tool for lovers of custom rosters. With this tool, the possibilities to recreate a specific league or season are endless.

Download NBA 2K22 Tools Here

3. PCBasket 2K22

PCBasket 2K22, created by Shuajota, is the most revolutionary roster for NBA 2K22. For basketball lovers in the world, this roster recreates 7 different leagues, it includes NBA, WNBA, Euroleague, Eurocup, BCL, ACB (Spanish league) and FIBA national teams. More than 100 new teams with realistic cyber faces, uniforms, courts, arenas, balls, etc.

Download PCBasket 2K22 Here

4. NBA 2K22 Remastered

NBA 2K22 Remastered is a project with which, Mahmood and his team plan to expand on NBA 2K22 at a level and cleanliness never seen before. Last year with their NBA 2K21 Remasterd project they brought us a very close Next Gen experience to PC.

Download NBA 2K22 Remastered Here

5. NBA 2K22 TrueSim Rating Generator

Stanton Charlton, whom you can follow on his YouTube channel, brings us a step-by-step guide on how to generate accurate ratings with his Truesim Rating Generator, tendencies and badges for players in the NBA 2K. This guide is fully compatible with NBA 2K22 on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

6. Cyberface Mixer

With this innovative Cyberface Mixer tool created by Jeek313, we can create cyber faces in a few minutes, using different face scan files already included in NBA 2K22.


7.   Music Converter

With Music Converter, created by Looyh, we will be able to convert our audio tracks into the correct format so that NBA 2K22 can play them. In this way, we can create our own soundtrack. Here you can download an example created by Mahmood.

8.  Export Console

NBA 2K22 Export Console

 Export Console , created by Looyh, is very useful tool for modders as this gives you access to the original files with which to create new modifications.

9.  Dest Roster

Dest Roster is one of the most downloaded rosters every year.  Destteam always gives us the opportunity to play with missing classic teams in addition to other national teams.

We can play with the 2009-2010 Los Angeles Lakers, the USA national team which participated in Beijing 2008 among others.

Download Dest Roster Here

10. NBA 2K22 50 Cyberfaces for Missing Face Scans by Shuajota

This massive pack includes all the cyberfaces made by me, Shuajota, from scratch so far for NBA 2K22 missing face scans (players with a generic face who have not yet received an official face scan by 2K).

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