NBA 2K24 Next Gen Scoreboard V2.0 for PC


This mod adds a next gen scoreboard from NBA 2K24 PS5 to NBA 2K24 PC. 

Added: Player Stat & Foul Counts & Bonus & Playoffs, etc.

1. The right side has been changed from the Arena Name in V1 to dynamically display the stat of a player on the court (as shown in the image), including the Team Logo, Player Name, and Statistics. It usually automatically switches to display the player after a score, assist, or rebound by a player. However, it may also remain unchanged, but it changes frequently at the very least. 

2. Fixed the bug where the white background of the clock and the end-of-quarter text overlapped. 

3. Recreated some details to match the New Gen scoreboard: --3.1 Added the Foul Counts. --3.2 Added the Bonus. --3.3 Changed the position of the Foul Notification Box from the right side in V1 to the top left, just like the New Gen. --3.4 Added Playoffs, Finals, and MyTeam Info. --3.5 Recreated the Team Color backgrounds. --3.6 Recreated the bg texture Border & Shadow. --3.7 Recreated the Timeouts.

Author: Looyh and vetmin

Category: Scoreboards