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NBA 2K23 Next-Gen on PC? Everything we know so far


NBA 2K23 PC Next Gen

The PC community is eagerly awaiting the details of NBA 2K23 on PC. For official information, users will have to wait until July, the month in which 2K has confirmed that it will announce the first news about NBA 2K23.

The expectation to see the "next-gen" version of NBA 2K23 on PC is pretty high, and everything indicates that 2022 could be the year chosen by 2K to bring the latest features from new gen consoles to PC.

If we look back, 2K introduced NBA 2K14 in 2013 as the first video game for the new generation: PS4 and Xbox One. At that time, NBA 2K14 for PC was still considered as an old gen version, similar to the PS3 version and Xbox 360. A year later, 2K decided to opt to bring the new version to PC with NBA 2K15.

Reasons why NBA 2K23 should be next-gen on PC

There are many reasons why NBA 2K23 should be next gen this year as PS5 and Xbox Series X versions. The main factor in favor of PC users is that the PC Gaming industry is growing tremendously in recent years. According to a market analytics report by the NPD Group, consumers are spending more and more on gaming hardware and accessories. 

In 2021, PC gaming industry grew to more than $5.74 billion and it´s expected to grow to $10.8 billion this year. This is one of the keys that shows that the PC has gone from being a secondary platform to being the main platform in many homes.

With that said, let's point out below the reasons why 2K should bring the next gen version of NBA 2K23 to PC:

1. Currently the PC is the main gaming platform for many gamers. In addition, the appearance of the new Steam Deck console further enhances the PC Gaming sector.

2. Many of the PCs that consumers buy have similar or even better performance than next-gen consoles.

3. Both NBA 2K21 and NBA 2K22 are considered "current-gen or old-gen" on PC, a third year in a row with this version would be quite frustrating for many NBA 2K fans who choose to play on PC. Otherwise, if 2K finally bets on the Next-Gen version, it would get a higher number of sales and new users in the community.

4. The NBA 2K modding community on PC is one of the most talented communities in sports video games. Over the last few years we have seen how some modders have managed to improve the graphic aspect with outstanding details.

Many of these "mods" have been the reason for many viral videos shared by major sports media on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or TikTok

With a next-gen version available to this community, the mods would achieve detail never seen before, and capture the attention of potential new buyers on this platform. Many users would buy the game on both console and PC.

For now we have to wait, but if 2K takes into account these factors, we could have good news next month. Stay tuned and subscribe to the YouTube channel here so you don't miss anything about NBA 2K22 and NBA 2K23 on PC.

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