First Look at NBA 2K24 Gameplay (ProPLAY animations)



First Look at NBA 2K24 Gameplay (ProPLAY animations)


NBA 2K fans are in for a treat as creators who attended the NBA 2K Community Day event have started sharing thrilling gameplay videos, thoughts, and opinions about the upcoming NBA 2K24. This day holds special significance for fans, giving them an early glimpse into the virtual basketball experience they've been eagerly awaiting.

NBA 2K Community Day serves as a platform to showcase the improvements made in NBA 2K24. The gameplay videos being shared offer a sneak peek into the game's enhanced antimations featured by ProPLAY technology, stunning graphics, and exciting features. From impressive slam dunks to lifelike player animations, these videos provide a taste of the game's new heights.

Insights from influencers and content creators

The creators present at the event are not merely sharing gameplay; they're also contributing invaluable insights. In the spotlight are influencers like YT_Solo, ChicoFiloYT, JoeKnowsYT, and colethemanyt, who are delving into gameplay mechanics, graphics excellence, player customization, and the overall gaming experience. Their perspectives are shaping the expectations and enthusiasm of NBA 2K devotees around the globe.

Stephen Curry´s animations (ProPLAY)

Dribbling´s animations (ProPLAY)

Giannis Antetokounmpo´s animations (ProPLAY)

Wembanyama´s animations (ProPLAY)

Kobe Bryant´s animations (ProPLAY)

Paul George, Leonard and Westbrook´s animations (ProPLAY)


The unveiling of NBA 2K24 through the NBA 2K Community Day is a moment of triumph for fans. The gameplay videos, insights, and viewpoints contributed by creators like YT_Solo, ChicoFiloYT, JoeKnowsYT, and colethemanyt are heightening the anticipation for the upcoming release. As the NBA 2K community eagerly counts down to the game's launch, set for September 8, 2023, the offerings shared by these creators are fueling the excitement to unprecedented levels.