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NBA 2K24 The City Full Details Revealed (PS5 & Xbox Series X/S)

NBA 2K24 The City Full Details Revealed (PS5 & Xbox Series X/S)


Discover all the new features making their way to NBA 2K24 within The City!


Engage with the world of basketball in the most immersive way possible in NBA 2K24's 'The City.' This year, the game takes a new leap, offering an enriched gaming experience that focuses on your basketball career. Can you rise to the challenge and become the ultimate player? With a host of features including Rise and Elite Affiliations, Reputation (REP) system, quests, key games, and an intriguing new story, NBA 2K24 sets the stage for your journey to greatness.


MyCAREER has always been about chasing your dreams, and in NBA 2K24, that dream is focused on becoming the Greatest of All Time (GOAT). Step into the spotlight as the most anticipated prospect in two decades. Achieve on-court milestones, from Rookie of the Year to ascending from the GOT NEXT Tier to the prestigious GOAT Tier. A novel addition this year is the 'key games' feature, allowing you to strategically select games based on matchups, rival teams, and milestones. Accelerate your journey to GOAT status, earning extra rewards and recognition for setting records. Your rise to stardom will be marked by rings, accolades, and a legendary career.


NBA 2K24 Beachfront location

Embrace the breathtaking City, now even more vibrant and picturesque on the New Gen consoles. With its white sand beaches and panoramic views, The City offers an ideal backdrop for showcasing your skills and creativity. From the 3v3 beachfront courts for casual competition to the vibrant Pro-AM, The REC, Ante-Up, Theater, Club 2K, and the new Starting 5 buildings, The City becomes your playground day and night. The neon-lit nights accentuate its lively atmosphere, while the new Starting 5 mode lets you challenge opponents using a team of your MyPLAYER and NBA stars.


NBA 2K24 Streetball

While MyCAREER centers around your path to League stardom, the Streetball side quest offers an exhilarating single-player experience outside the main NBA journey. Conquer challenging bosses and skillful teams on three unique courts, with Takeover perks setting you apart from the competition. Streetball introduces a distinct progression system and rewards, adding a layer of excitement and competition.


Embark on your solo journey to greatness, but in Affiliations, collaborate with fellow players to earn rewards and bragging rights. In a departure from previous editions, RISE and ELITE go head-to-head this year. Members of RISE and ELITE will battle each season to lead their Affiliation to victory. Choose wisely between RISE's aquatic-themed world and ELITE's futuristic neon environment, then compete with pride to earn REP.


Begin as a rookie and rise to Legend status by earning REP through gameplay. Unlike the previous iteration, NBA 2K24 challenges you to maintain your Top 10 position for exclusive rewards. Be warned: if you lose your spot, someone else will seize the opportunity. While REP doesn't reset each season, changing Affiliations will reset your REP, so choose your path carefully.


NBA 2K24 sets the stage for your ascent to legendary status. Compete against other players to claim a coveted spot in the Top 10, all while surrounded by the stunning backdrop of 'The City.' Your journey to becoming the greatest player of all time is just beginning. Immerse yourself in the game and experience it firsthand. If you're hungry for more information, explore our Courtside Reports to delve deeper into all that NBA 2K24 has to offer this year.