TopSpin 2K25 Playstyles (MyCAREER, MyPLAYER, Features & Skills)



TopSpin 2K25 All Playstyles (All-Round, Baseline Offense, Serve & Volley & Baseline Defense)

TopSpin 2K25 gives you plenty of ways to showcase your talent with its immersive MyCAREER mode and highly competitive online modes. But if you’re new to the franchise, or even a returning player, it can be tough to decide what you want your “talent” to be when you take the court. Do you gravitate toward a strong defensive strategy or will you lean more on dominating serves? No matter what you decide, we’re here to help!

Put your MyPLAYER to the test in MyCAREER, Online Exhibition, and World Tour to prove you’re in a tier of your own! Continue competing and earning XP to acquire more attribute points so you can progress and increase your MyPLAYER’s rating.

TopSpin 2K25 features four different playstyles, each with their own upsides and unique Skills that can help you play to your strengths. Learn more about All-Round, Offensive Baseline, Defensive Baseline, and Serve & Volley playstyles to find which one suits you best! And just like in real tennis, not all players have to follow these rules strictly, so you can experiment and create hybrid MyPLAYERs based on these core playstyles.


Use your entire repertoire of shots to win points in a variety of ways, and prevent your opponent from anticipating your next move. You have no major weaknesses, but you can't always rely on a specific strength to win points. Be creative in how you approach each point and each opponent.

TopSpin 2K25 Playstyle All-Round

Here are the typical attributes for a Level 30 player with max tier Coach and Fittings using an All-Round build 

Backhand: 70

Forehand: 70

Power: 70

Reflex: 65

Serve: 70

Speed: 70 

Stamina: 70 

Volley: 65

Baseline Offense

Keep the opposition on their heels as you send a barrage of forehand and backhand shots hurtling over the net with the Baseline Offense playstyle. Control the pace of the match with powerful serves and groundstrokes to make your opponent return weak volleys. As a Baseline Offense player type you’ll excel at Power, Serve, and Stamina, but you’ll struggle with speed and be weaker at the net. 

TopSpin 2K25 Playstyle Baseline Offense

Here are the typical attributes for a Level 30 player with max tier Coach and Fittings using a Baseline Offense build

Backhand: 70 

Forehand: 70

Power: 85 

Reflex: 50

Serve: 80

Speed: 60

Stamina: 85

Volley: 50

Serve & Volley

Flex your strength and unleash your power with the Serve & Volley MyPLAYER build. Set up approach shots to put opposing players out of position and finish points with pinpoint accuracy. Establishing an early advantage with your deadshot serve can make your opponent scramble around the court and second-guess how they should react to your poise.

TopSpin 2K25 Playstyle Serve & Volley

Here are the typical attributes for a Level 30 player with max tier Coach and Fittings using a Serve and Volley build

Backhand: 60 

Forehand: 60 

Power: 60 

Reflex: 75 

Serve: 85 

Speed: 65

Stamina: 60

Volley: 85

Baseline Defense

This MyPLAYER playstyle is built for the long run, capable of extending rallies with heightened stamina, which can cause your opponent to grow frustrated and create unforced errors. Stay patient and wait for your opportunity to pounce with a ferocious forehand or a blistering backhand.

Here are the typical attributes for a Level 30 player with max tier Coach and Fittings using a Baseline Defense build

Backhand: 85

Forehand: 80

Power: 60

Reflex: 60

Serve: 55

Speed: 85

Stamina: 75

Volley: 50

All-New Coaches and Fittings


As your MyPLAYER levels up, you unlock access to Coaches. When you hire a coach, completing their objectives and upgrading them gives you access to bonuses such as XP, VC, Attribute increases and Skills. Each coach has their own area of expertise, so check what bonuses they offer before hiring them. If you want to experiment with different coaches, you can always hire another coach at any time.


When your MyPLAYER reaches Level 10, you unlock access to Fittings. There are three categories of fittings: Grip, String and Frame Fittings. Each Fitting increases specific attributes, and equipping a full set gives you access to an additional Skill.