2K adds the City Edition Courts to NBA 2K24



2K adds the City Edition Courts to NBA 2K24

In the latest patch rolled out on November 13, 2023, 2K has fulfilled the fervent expectations of the 2K community by introducing the highly awaited city edition courts. However, this enhancement has yet to reach all teams. 

Notably, the city edition courts are now available for teams such as the 76ers, Bucks, Clippers, Hawks, Hornets, Jazz, Kings, Magic, Nuggets, Pacers, Pistons, Rockets, Spurs, Suns, Thunder, Warriors, and Wizards. Regrettably, aficionados of the Cavs, Heat, Knicks, Nets, Raptors, and Timberwolves will need to exercise patience as these additions remain pending.

 Simultaneously, the In-Season Tournament Courts have not received official inclusion, with anticipation building for 2K to introduce them in the imminent updates. For those keen on staying abreast of each developmental stride, a dedicated post detailing the patch notes can be found here. 

The 2K community eagerly awaits further refinements, and the forthcoming days are poised to unveil additional enhancements from 2K.